Welcome to Nuremberg. Or as the Nurembergers would say: Allmächd.

Freitag, 7. August 2015 | |

My very grown-up respond to any situation that ever saddened or scared always having been simply "going away", I was ready to put this elaborate, emotionally mature plan into action yet once again when I graduated from university, and applied to almost any job in any city as long as the city it was offered in promised to meet my minimum requirements as comes to distance (remote!) and size (residents) - to find a job in the one city that managed to meet just the exact minimum of said requirements.

So welcome to Nuremberg (Gesundheit?), 500,000-resident "Perle" as the Germans would say, in the heart of what on more than one occasion I was corrected to be "Franconia, not Bavaria". A city so lovable and at times naïve, that "Driver confuses pond with parking lot" makes the news and even its graffiti looks rather like taken from a sportswear company's ad campaign - set against a history partly so disturbing, it makes you take relatives to the Adidas Outlet instead of sightseeing to avoid ending a visit in a depression.

So here it is. A blog about - the things you can do here. Or the things you end up doing when you're bored or you're broke. Let's see. In the end, I guess it's all just an excuse to use my new Nikon. In the end - è solo un trucco.


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