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Freitag, 9. Oktober 2015 | | 0 Kommentare

If you're anything like me, then returning from any Italy vacation will always put you in a certain funk, and you’ll spend all the way back home gazing out of the window with a myriad of questions going through your mind, with one of the simpler ones being: Why don't we have food like this? Not like in a tablecloth, "Would you fancy another 29-Euros-bottle of our excellent house wine, sir?"-way, but as in: have some hearty pasta fresca before you head out to the cinema with your friends. And while most questions stay unanswered, some – don’t, and luckily there’s an answer to the “Why don’t we have the food” question, which is: We do. At Cucina al Centro, the most wonderful place to stop by whenever you’ve missed the food from or the feel to your last stay in Florence, or Rome.

Barely a five minute walk from “Weißer Turm”, where the city center seemingly begins and it ends, but still situated on a street you would intentionally have to go to (or, as in my case, follow hopelessly wrong directions to happen to walk through), Cucina al Centro serves (amongst others) a tasty selection of pasta dishes you’d only expect to find in that small family-run trattoria you stumbled upon on your last trip: from the wonderfully aromatic linguine with celery you grab for a quick lunch (ignoring the aglio - loving the feta) to the deliciously creamy comfort food which is the truffled linguine you absent-mindedly twirl your fork in while mumbling on about the events of the past week (slightly melted parmigiano on top. Oh so good).

And whether you’re enjoying the soothing aesthetic of the dining room with the intricate blue tiles, gathered your visiting relatives around the long wooden table in the rustic back room with the low pendant lights, or got one of the highly coveted window sill seats in the main room where the high table in the middle is a popular stopover for a quick espresso and a glimpse in the newspaper, does the sheer presence of lovely co-owner Dolores always give you this warm, welcoming feel like you've just come home to something,- and whenever you feel the memory of powdery-scented espressos, warm walls, luscious pasta aglio olio, gradually fading away, eventually bringing back to your mind all those questions again... Is Cucina al Centro - always a good idea.

My hipster friend likes to play with his food (formerly known as "Rigatoni with turkey") 

Cucina al Centro
Hintere Ledergasse 26, 90403 Nuremberg
T 0911 / 2427127

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